Moving tips


Begin your planning early
Moving home isn’t something you do often. Preparing and planning well can help ensure that things go smoothly and your move is as stress free as possible. Try to start planning early to avoid any unexpected problems.

Packing considerations
Label your boxes well for easy identification and sorting at the other end and keep an inventory of what you have. Most reputable moving companies can provide you with moving supplies but it’s also handy to have some of your own things on hand, such as boxes, tape and rope. Newspapers are extremely handy for wrapping breakable goods. It’s a good idea to highlight items that are fragile to ensure that they are extra carefully handled. It is important to be aware of flammable and dangerous goods as some items can not be transported by removal companies.

Consider electrical appliances
Fridges and washing machines are not only bulky to move, but also require a little extra preparation prior to moving. It is important to follow manufacturer instructions for safe relocation of these items.

Notify people of your new address
Not only do you need to remember to tell friends and family where you are moving to, but don’t forget to update your information with your banks, insurance companies, doctors and other agencies. You can also set up a mail forward with your post office.